nQ Medical is pioneering digital biomarker development to accelerate research, enhance disease detection, and improve care.

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Making the invisible VISIBLE

We are redefining neuroscience research & development with our digital biomarker discovery platform to identify the signs of neurodegenerative disease at the earliest possible moment. 

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Accurate, Affordable, Accessible

It's time to change the way brain disease is identified, monitored and treated. At nQ, we believe everyone everywhere should have powerful tools available to assess their brain health.

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Brain disease is a global crisis.

To win we need accurate, affordable, and accessible diagnostics.

Our lives depend on it.

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Instead of relying solely on subjective clinical symptoms, nQ Cortex, our digital biomarker discovery platform provides objective, real word data and assigns a unique digital signature for every person.  These digital signatures give us a deeper understanding of the drivers of the specific brain diseases which we can then use to define distinct patient phenotypes.

nQ’s scalable data science platform is designed to integrate multiple data types and provide a high-definition understanding of the functional status of each person’s brain health.


nQ Medical Team

We have assembled an exceptional team of data scientists, neuroscience researchers, and company builders who have an unparalleled commitment to pioneer one of the greatest medical challenges of our generation.


About nQ Medical

nQ Medical is a digital health company that is improving lives by enabling the discovery and development of digital biomarkers. Through our patented data base, nQ Medical is advancing data driven life sciences by accelerating research, improving early disease detection, and enhancing quality of care.



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nQ Medical Biomaker platform developer

Our Mission is to improve lives by enabling the discovery and development of digital biomarkers.

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nQ Medical’s software has been granted breakthrough device designation but is not yet cleared by the FDA. Any depictions of the technology are intended to be conceptual and illustrative and are not intended to convey exact representations of anatomy, physiology, structure, positioning, or performance of the technology.