Remote Monitoring of Treatment Response in Parkinson's Disease: The Habit of Typing on a Computer

The Future Of Medicine: Fighting Deadly Diseases With Smart Devices And Digital Biomarkers

Today, we know that people’s keystroke patterns from their usage of keyboards or smartphones can reveal a lot more than their identity. These signals can also tell us how healthy the people are, whether certain diseases afflict them, and how far the ailment has advanced...

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Journal of Medical Internet Research

Health Innovators: Teresa Arroyo-Gallego

In this interview, Teresa tells Paul about the science behind the technology and how it could reshape the future of cognitive screening. She also discusses her views on AI, machine learning and digitalisation of healthcare, particularly in the wake of COVID and shares how digital platforms such as nQ Medical’s technology could be used by patients in everyday life.

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Remote Monitoring of Treatment Response in Parkinson's Disease: The Habit of Typing on a Computer

nQ Winner of the #VirtualSouthSummit Health & Wellbeing contest

nQ won the #VirtualSouthSummit Health & Wellbeing contest on Feb 22. 

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Journal of Medical Internet Research

Addressing the technology crisis in Neuropsychology

nQ Medical from the AAN21 conference

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Read about Detection of Motor Impairment in Parkinson's Disease Via Mobile

Artificial intelligence meets human intelligence to collaborate on addressing brain health

Pharmaphorum does a deep dive with nQ Medical to discuss Digital Health:

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