nQ Cortex, Our Scalable Data Sciences Platform

What is nQ Cortex?

nQ Cortex is a Digital Biomarker Platform that can be adapted across disorders and readied for rapid scaling. The AI-powered computational biomarkers yield powerful insights from passively collected real world data to drive real world insights

nQ’s scientifically validated tools support researchers in their desire to align sensor, wearable, and clinical data to address diseases prevalent in their communities. By providing a more comprehensive view of the patient experience through cutting-edge data ingestion, data standardization across all sensor types, and deep analytical capabilities that will ultimately lead to new digital biomarker discovery nQ Cortex can enable a more holistic assessment of brain health.


Why Choose nQ Cortex?

Passive Design

24/7, Remote, passive ambient telemetry provides visibility into functional, real-world data required to better understand patient true state. 

Fast, Reliable Measurements

The onset of diseases that affect cognition and motor often manifest before symptoms are present or recognized.

Scalable Data Sciences Platform

Complex aggregation of digital measurements from sensitive, objective digital assays for a more complete functional analysis.

Open Architecture

Designed with powerful APIs for both data acquisition and output, nQ Cortex provides easy access to its proprietary data, and enables the import, combination and analysis of external data sets to provide new insights from real world evidence.

nQ Medical Biomaker platform developer

Our Mission is to improve lives by enabling the discovery and development of digital biomarkers.

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nQ Medical’s software has been granted breakthrough device designation but is not yet cleared by the FDA. Any depictions of the technology are intended to be conceptual and illustrative and are not intended to convey exact representations of anatomy, physiology, structure, positioning, or performance of the technology.